Save money by using ColorsMax compatible printer ink cartridges and toners

We guarantee the best service, quality and best value for your money.

printer ink cartridges and toners

About Colorsmax

Based in New Jersey with customers all around the US

In Colormax we are committed to helping your creativity become tangible, in an easy, low-cost, yet vibrant and high-resolution fashion. Our inspiration comes from wanting to simplify the process of communicating printed ideas like homework, legal documents, entertainment articles, photographs, and much more. Thus, expanding the ways in which ideas can be exchanged so people can better communicate.

After years of research, we found the quality of compatible inkjet cartridges that provide a faithful impression of any task, taking into consideration environmental safety and by strictly following ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. This ensures that our products are as efficient as the brand ones, by offering the customer an option to print their ideas, without using high-cost inks.

Our manufactured high-quality inkjet ink cartridges are compatible with existing printer brands on the market at a low cost.

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