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Maintenance of Laser Printer: Troubleshooting of Toner

If you have continuous printer working problems and try the below tips of troubleshooting Tore, Sticky, and Smeared Pages The Toner of your cartridge might be creating the problem. Fading in the Prints If you see some kind of fading in your prints, you need to check the toner. It might got low. So, now

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tips to mantenience

Best tips to maintain a printer at the office or home

One day you will find or everyone in their life stuck in such a situation. You buy a brand new printer from the store may be online and that printer is quite an expensive laser printer or copier or scanner maybe all in one for use. I might be a color printer as well. When

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Seven common laser printer problems3

Seven common laser printer problems

Laser printers are more or less the same as any other printing device available in the market. You only need to be careful with that and do proper timely maintenance work. The best outcome of maintenance is you will get an extraordinary performance that you would love to share withothers. We have tried to mention

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buy unused cartridges

Who buys unused toner cartridges

Who is interested in buying unused cartridges? Some companies do, and some companies are on a mission to buy all unused toner cartridges. What’s the reason behind that? The perfect explanation is no cartridges or toner are useless or extra, the only reason is they haven’t found the right place to be used. So, some

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