Printing equipment is a reality today. If at some point you thought you were going to escape from technologies, you were wrong. The printer, photocopier and scanner, among others, are three tools widely used both at work and at home. Most of this equipment works with ink and, therefore, today we want to give you some guidelines on how to choose the ink used for printing and/or photocopying before doing so.

Manufacturer’s cartridges and toners
It is always recommended to use the cartridges or toners of the brand itself, since they have the exact conditions and characteristics indicated by the manufacturers of the machines. However, they are not the only option, there are other types of cartridges called compatible. Although the use of compatible cartridges was initially discouraged, they are becoming increasingly available in higher quality.

Compatible cartridges and toners
In addition to the price difference, in which we can save up to 75%, the resulting print is of high quality and has nothing to send to the cartridges and toners of the manufacturers. The false myth about how harmful compatible cartridges could be is no longer spreading. Always bearing in mind the guarantee of what a specialist advises us.

Using consumables does not imply complicating our lives by looking for something without knowing what it is. The nomenclatures of the manufacturers’ cartridges and toners are exactly the same as those of the compatible cartridges and toners.





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