Different ways to Recycle Toner Cartridges for Cash? (Earn Some Quick Money!)

You may use a laser printer at the office for official purposes and print business docs or you may get print out of your artwork or your son’s school project, you might be using a lot of toners.

With its huge frame and build with a lot of complexity, it’s not good that an empty toner of laser printer is thrown into the trash at the end.

You may have knowledge of your unused ink or toner you can sell at some market place but there is also a way to earn some pocket money by recycling your unused and old empty cartridges.

Also if you are a nature lover and you like to recycle old and unwanted electronics stuff have a great way to contribute to the planet.

You much know the fact that you can earn some cash for this as a bonus, normally you can make up to $5 per cartridge that is empty.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some techniques to recycle toner cartridges and get some cash, no matter if the cartridge is in good condition or empty.

Used cartridges ready to recycle.

Reasons to recycle old toner cartridges

To recycle electronics stuff is a pretty hard job, the growth of electronics waste is a huge problem in front of governments. You may be surprised to know the fact that people all over the world create 50 million tons of electronic waste every year.

This issue is not as simple as we think to solve. Many electronics including printer cartridges and other components; include some harmful stuff inside that may leak into air, water, or land.

This stuff is made with some plastic and also includes some dangerous chemicals like mercury and also lead, I am sure no one wants that in our environment.

  • The world is just able to recycle 17.4% of e-waste, which clearly means more than 40 million tons of waste are not recycled and affecting our environment.

Ink for the printer and toner cartridges also work in the same way, so it’s better to recycle your empty cartridges and try to keep your environment clean.

So, buy using this way you get some earnings just by recycling cartridges and also reduce the bad impact on our environment.

Easiest Ways to Convert Your Empty Toner Cartridges into Cash

Let’s discuss some ways how to get cash for your unused or empty toner cartridges.

Toner Buyback Companies

There are some businesses that buy unused toner till the time it is not damaged. You won’t find many but there are some companies who are also interested in buying toner cartridges that are empty.

Those businesses may do reselling, or recycling or may reuse these cartridges. That’s the reason why they buy the undamaged cartridge that you send.

Generally, there are some criteria that the toner cartridge needs to complete. Few specific needs have some difference between the companies who buyback, but here is what most companies want:

  • Full or Empty: figure out what conditions of cartridges will the company intending to buy. For example, some business models are eager to buy unopened toner cartridges only and some companies don’t mind buying empty toner cartridges that are used already.
  • Only OEM Cartridges: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, these cartridges are made by major and popular printing brands. This means that the buyback offer will not be available for any non- branded, generic branded, or compatible cartridges. Only original and popular manufacturer cartridges are acceptable.
  • Clear Cartridges: These companies prefer to buy cartridges that are not tempered in any way, so you won’t get any amount if you send recreated or refilled cartridges.
  • No Low Yield Cartridges: Cartridges that come by default with your printer are called starter cartridges. These cartridges are low-yield and lower in capacity in comparison to new toners, so many companies do not prefer to buy them.
  • Selected Models: These businesses only deal in some specific brands and models of printer cartridges. You need to check the list on the company website before sending cartridges to them.
  • List of models – Most businesses only deal with certain brands or types of printer cartridges. Check the companies’ websites for lists of toner cartridges they pay for.

Shipping charges are mostly covered in most buyback company offers and we must ensure the parcel of the cartridges we send reach them safely without any damage or difficulty.

Keep on checking their business website and keep your knowledge about what you have to offer. Go To Big Box Stores for Toner Cartridges with No Toner

Whenever you visit your local super store like Walmart, Walgreens (and all other similar), keep your empty cartridges with you. They give buyback offer, you can sell them small amount not big amount.

If you don’t have space to store such empty cartridges that you want to recycle and if you have them in small quantity, you can bring those with you and you don’t have to pay shipping either.

This type of office supply shop including all big chains don’t pay cash in exchange of cartridges you bring with you but they can adjust in shopping you do or add credit in your membership card whatever you choose.

This is how, you are not taking cash with you but you can have credit and use it next time when you purchase your daily stuff there.

If you want to take part in this rewarding program, you may need to set up a membership in that store. You should choose the retail store that you can find easily nearby your area and you can use the credit easily.

Popular Marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist

Nowadays people in the world have started reuse of cartridges and also recycling unused toner cartridges. On the other side, some may look for a cheap way to change the toner for their office laser printer in big numbers. This is a huge market online for this. We are discussing some popular online marketplace like eBay, Craigslist, and the new Facebook marketplace. There are some marketplaces that help us to sell used cartridges or new cartridges if you want to get rid of them.

  • Click some photos of the cartridges and if available the box as well from all angles.
  • You must ensure you are mentioned the brand, model, condition type, and colors of the cartridge
  • You also need to check other listings and make sure your price is not too low and not too high in comparison to other sellers.
  • You should include the shipping price in the amount you mention or list it as separate shipping charges, try to put minimum charges especially when you are selling a bulk amount of cartridges.
  • You can include shipping costs in the price, or list shipping separately. Minimize your charges by shipping cartridges in bulk (well protected in the box) or selling locally on Craigslist.

Wait for some time after you publish your items, give some time to buyers to reach you.

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