Who buys unused toner cartridges

Who is interested in buying unused cartridges? Some companies do, and some companies are on a mission to buy all unused toner cartridges. What’s the reason behind that? The perfect explanation is no cartridges or toner are useless or extra, the only reason is they haven’t found the right place to be used. So, some companies will find unused toner cartridges, buy it and put some money in the seller’s pocket to use.

From where are these Toner Coming From?

The reason of having excess toner with yourself is

• If you buy a new printer or a copy machine
• You may buy the wrong model of the toner cartridge and miss the timeline to return it.
• If your old printing or copy machine is not working anymore or you are not using it.
• You liquefy your business and you are left with some excess toner cartridges
• If you buy extra toner cartridges in the government auction in bulk at a good price.
• If you are working for any company providing recycling services.
• Some companies are moving businesses that acquire leftover toner cartridges.
• Overstock of toner cartridges in your office
• Close of the store and remains a lot of cartridges that is unused

How you got the cartridge is a different thing, now you have cartridges and you need to get rid of it. What is price of this old toner cartridge? It’s more than you think.

What is best Place to Sell Extra Toner?

Pick the unused toner cartridges from your store cupboard and bring that in the market first of all. In some far places, some people need your cartridges with toner. Still, the question persists, who buys the toner cartridges? Some companies will buy your unused toner and give you some money in exchange, you will get rid of the thing that is occupying your space and also gives you some money for it. The companies work for environmental protection and will dispose of the toner properly and they are happy because they did something good to the environment. So, it’s a two-side benefit like a win-win situation where you earn some money as well.

Do you think the earth is happy with this?

Obviously! Recycling the cartridges with toner helps the environment. Nowadays, more than 400 million unused ink and toner cartridges are thrown as waste every year. This is a huge number, especially when all of the raw materials used to make the ink and toner cartridges are recyclable and reusable. If we calculate properly, ink and also toner cartridges can be reused for more than 100 years before breaking down and spreading polluted material and some toxins in the environment. Also, a huge amount of water is used to manufacture a brand new cartridge, so whenever we recycle a cartridge ink and toner we help to save gallons of oil, water, etc.
This effort will make our earth happy and becomes a better place. So, sell your unused cartridges wherever you find a company or marketplace.

A Trusted Resource

There are some companies that have built a good reputation for comprehensive services for customers. They are popular for buying untouched toner and cartridges quickly, and easily and make it profitable. Some companies have thousands of positive five-star reviews, check those reviews and decide yourself which company is more trusted. There are many companies working for decades in buying this toner cartridge, you can find many other trusted companies working in short term as well.

Find the Best Toner Buyback System

There are many companies that claim to be the best toner buyback website on the web. They say you just need to click a few links and you will sell your unused toner cartridges. On their website, there will be a simple form that needs to be filled out. Like you need to choose your brand of printer, the number of the part, its condition, and also the available quantity. They also offer free shipping in many cases so you can save some money on courier charges. There are several payment methods are available with those companies like PayPal or check or bank transfer, etc. They also offer free shipping and shipping labels to you when you are ready to mail your courier the toner cartridges. They also give you tutorials or training videos of the packaging method for the toner cartridges because it is important that toner cartridges don’t get damaged during shipping and reach them safely so they can use those properly and no dispute happens.

Packaging to cartridge toner is quite important because in most cases the material used to make the cartridge is fiber and can be broken if not handled properly. In many cases, there are disputes over delivered cartridges. Companies claim that the person who ships the cartridge has sent damaged cartridges. So, it is also important that you keep the video and photos of the original cartridge with the visible part number in the photo or video, and in case you can make e video of the packaging, you will have a great advantage.

You can pack the article in a good big box with the support of packaging material with no space or air inside the box. The box can be reasonably hard so any jerk cannot affect the internal cartridge and the original company packing also doesn’t get damaged. Just remember if the product reaches the company properly, you can get the most money from it. The small care you take can get you more money for all products you sent.

These buy-back companies, buy almost all popular brand toner cartridges including Brother, Canon, Dell IBM, HP, Minolta, Konica, Kyocera, Lexmark, Panasonic, Okidata, Samsung, Ricoh, Sharp, Xerox, and Toshiba, etc. They also buy a good condition sealed inkjet printers and cartridges if you have an expiry date 6 months before. The expiry date is at the back of the inkjet box, So, you can make money if you have inkjet products as well, instead of throwing the unused things, you can have some money in your pocket and enjoy some pizza!!!

There is one more chance there, in addition of the toner some companies also buy unknown but genuine OEMdrum units, some development kits, fuser kits, maintenance kits, solik inks, printer ribbons, and more.

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