How ink and tonner is different from each other?

Most important thing we need to know is which cartridge will work with our printer. If you order anything wrong online that may cost your company a few hundred dollars and even if you return product on time and get refund but you won’t have product to use on time and to return product is again inconvenient and time consuming job. Ink and toner cartridges are completely different type of cartridges and used in different type of printers, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about cartridge types and it’s costing etc or if you are looking to buy new printer just go through this article information below as we are going to explain everything that you need to know. We can make sure you will be your printer and toner cartridge expert if you go through this.

Basic Difference between ink and toner

In short if explained, if you open and see inside inkjet printer cartridges it will have liquid , and other side the toner printer cartridges have powder. Toner printers are called Laser printers.

The ink cartridges that includes ink can be of two types either dye based or pigment based, this depends on what series of cartridges you have. Most of traditional ink jet printers people use have dye based inks. They are lower in costing in compare of pigment based ink cartridges and are popular for their capability to create clear, proper neat photos. Dye based inks are water resistant and can be spoiled by smudging, with so many printers converted to fade after 20 plus years. If your printer have pigment based ink than it can offer and smooth finish and dries the ink quicker than dye based ink. Professional photographers prefers this because photos are things that has to be kept for decades safely so quality of ink matters there. Graphics designers also need this for quality printing of images and text. One more capability of pigment ink is that it tends to resist water and UV light far better than dye ink, also can resist such obstacles for up to 200 years.

Toner basically is a substance of dry powder that will not spread like ink cartridges, but it can get worst if not handled properly. The laser printer that has one single black toner cartridge is called monochrome printers. In color laser printer there are three different cartridges with colors yellow, magenta, black and cyan to create a color print. There is also one more part that you must know about is drum, because absence of drum unit will put your printer in non-working condition. The main work of the drum unit is to work with the paper and fuse tonner powder over the paper. Different printers have different designs and as per the design drum unit is fixed. Some drums are sold separately without cartridge and some comes with cartridges. Single drum are less expensive than cartridges build in drum because everything you need to change drum you don’t have to replace whole cartridges. But when you use built-in drum cartridges, you don’t have to worry about changing drum every time. Every time you change toner, you may need to change the drum as well. External drum can be replaced normally after 3-4 time replacement of toners.

Who should use it?

Now the big question, which printer is right for you? It all boils down to your printing needs! The biggest question is here now, which printer is useful to you? In a line, it depends on your printing needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Inkjet Printers

Professional photographers, home owners, and small offices use inkjet printers now a days. All inkjet machines have capability to print photo, text and color prints. There are some all in one model available in the market that can give flexibility for fax, scanning and Xerox facility as well. If you want to print quality prints and need it for long term also if you print on regular basis, these printers are the best choice. Also if you be careless and do

not print regularly the cartridge replacement will be costlier. There are two set of cartridges inside. Some printers only have two cartridges one black and another tricolor that prints your color documents, the worst thing is that even if one of the two cartridges are low ink, you will need to replace both the cartridges even one is going low. Other printers have different slot for different cartridges, you can change whichever runs out of ink. You will notice black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges in most of the printers but some printer may include light cyan or light magenta as well.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Laser Printer

The offices or houses with requirements of high volume printings are supposed to get such printers. Laser printers are best for small or medium business and other organizations like school, collages that prints big amount every day with black and color prints. Photos printing is not very much recommended in laser printer but technology is growing fast so many in short time we may get a laser machine that will print great photos. Due to its dusty nature of toner powder, the cartridge of laser printer cannot create same quality tonal distinctions in compare of inkjet printers and that is why photos printed by laser printers looks dull. We do not say photos cannot be printed with laser printer but if you are printing for profession like for photographers or photo lovers will not like results of photo prints. We suggest you to buy a monochrome printer if you really don’t want to get color prints and only want prints in black. Color laser printers are best for those who prints little in color and more in black like letterhead or come print with marked color for later notes etc. There is one similar facilities available in laser printer as inkjet ones, it also comes with all in one model that gives liberty to use fax, Xerox and scan capabilities in it. Those are called multifunction laser printer. Most of available models of printer now a days have functionality to print without wires as those have wireless signal receiver for printing.

I you want perfect details and tips on choosing the right inkjet printer or laser printer, check out the whole details given below:

Which one is the right printer cartridge for me?

There is a big discussion point when you trying to decide which features you want printer and other options you are looking for. Many first time printer buyers only looks at price of printer and due to lack of experience he or she ignores cost of cartridge that they have to pay so often. It is very much common thing everyone knows about cost of cartridge and that is quite high. Size of any cartridge, price of cartridge and number of pages a cartridge can print is different mostly and decided by the printer modes and the type of printer you buy ultimately create or break the budget of printing. This depends on cost efficiency of the cartridges of the printer. Many buyers gets in marketing strategy of the printer selling store and buys the printer available in store in weekly sale and later on when their free coming cartridges finishes, they gets knowledge that their cartridge price is two times higher than printer price. You should be avoid in getting yourself trapped in such marketing schemes. Before you buy any printer, you should count two costs first is purchase cost of printer and cartridge prices that you are going to pay and make a decision on basis of what volume are you going to print every week. If you are printing huge amount of papers, you may go for laser printer and for small printing needs inkjet is fine. Let’s some more facts and details about difference in between in below details.

Cartridge Cost Calculations

The Page Yield

All cartridges has its own volume of page yield, or you can say an approximate number of prints you can get from the cartridge. This page yields is not same for all cartridges models and is based off a 5% of page cover. To match the manufacturers default printing capability and keep it same, every cartridge is passed through a testing of page yield that basis on ISO/IEC 24711 guidelines. All these tests helps to decide what the page yield of an ink cartridge will be, that gives a client a reasonable way to calculate and compare the products.

Size of Cartridge

The page yields of some cartridges are different even it is for same company and model because cartridges comes in different sizes. XL size cartridges or high yield cartridges can print farm more prints than a standard cartridges and it is better for costing if you are printing high amount of pages every day. The standard yield cartridges are obviously prints less papers but lower in costing so if you are not printing huge amount of cartridges and printing occasionally. Some printers can accommodate extra high yield cartridges also, you need to check specification on your printer manufacturer’s website to check if this kind of cartridges are compatible for you printer or not. To check more about name method of manufacturer of your cartridges, you need to check cartridge naming guide of your manufacturer’s website.

HP 63 – This cartridge is standard in size and its ink prints 190 pages.

HP 63XL – This is high yield the larger version that can print upto 480 pages.

Costing of printing Per Page

Costing of printing per page is amount that you will pay to get a print on a document or paper. If you want to decide the cost per page (CPP) for any printer, first of all we need to know page yield of cartridge of the printer. More page yield of a cartridge, more you get efficiency in long term. Let’s understand this by calculating page yield of a HP ink cartridge and complete it with Bother Toner Cartridges.

An standard brand and original yield HP 63 black ink cartridge gets a yield of 190 pages & price for the cartridge is let’s say $21.99. You need to divide page yield figure that is 190 in our case by the cost that is

$21.99. This is get costing of 11.5 cents per page. This cost doesn’t include cost of paper, you need calculate if separately.

In other case let’s check for Brother TN850 laser toner cartridge that costs quite higher than your traditional ink cartridge but they are able to print lot more amount of pages. The standard original TN850 cost is $115.9 and prints 6000+ pages and that costs 1.9 cents for one page printing excluding cost of paper. In the same way TN880 is XL size cartridge that costs $15 for 12000 pages and costing per print is 1 cent.

Tricks to Save Even More on the Costs of Printing

Compatible brand cartridges from can offer you a highly comparable print quality and same page yield as and regular standard original brand cartridge for very low cost. When you choose a compatible cartridge you can get costing of page printing down quite much and more importantly they comes with genuine life time guarantee. If you see a test case our ColorsMax brand compatible HP 902XL cartridges you can buy with same page yield capacity at half of the price and that means your printing cost of going to be even half.

Currently we are selling 4 piece combo at $29.65 and that gets your cost down up to 4 cents. There are many other models for brother, HP and Canon on our website that you can buy at cheapest price and reduce your printing cost in few clicks. We have thousands of models in cartridges available for most of the printer models available in market. You may check that on our website.

If you are looking for single liner key difference breakdown of difference between ink and toner, you may read above details. If you have any question about size of cartridges, compatibility of graphics and any other details, you may visit for details.

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